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H House

Individual residential building.

A young family turned to us to order the interior design of the house. It was an interesting experience for us, since the house itself did not exist yet. 

And we were able to offer our planning solution, taking into account all the wishes of the customers and the features of the selected plot for development.   

Project year: 2022
Mallorca village, Dnepropetrovsk region, Ukraine
Area: 112 m2
Photographer: Oleksandr Angelovskyi

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The most important wish of the customers was to have a lot of space for storing things. Therefore, we paid special attention to the development of utility areas: laundry room, storeroom, kitchen, utility room, dressing room. All furniture was developed taking into account the maximum capacity of the interior space. Functionality was the most important feature of each design solution. The second priority was to have different lighting scenarios. There are three of them in almost every room: technical overhead lighting, illumination of the dominant zone - the main scenario of use, directional lighting of the working area. 


In decoration, preference was given to practical materials of dark shades: porcelain stoneware, microcement, wood. The customers wanted to see the space darkened, restrained in terms of textures and lighting.

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WC02 _1.jpg
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Since the customers are a young couple, the design of two universally functional rooms, which could be easily adapted to different life needs, was designed as a separate request. Their overall dimensions, location relative to other rooms, decoration and lighting are suitable for use as a children's room, a guest room or an office    

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