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A series of modular frame houses

Artorix's idea for creating modules arose from the demand of people for affordable, quick-erected living space during the war. Despite everything, people do not want to put life on hold and need their own housing. Sometimes, unfortunately, it is even a forced necessity. In order for people not to risk spending money on long-term construction and design, we have developed a series of modular houses, different in area and number of sleeping places.

Modules are assembled using frame wood technology in production, insulated with polyurethane foam, sewn with sheets of CSP and decorated. Electricity and plumbing, as well as all furniture, built into the module. On the site, the house is mounted on the foundation and connected to communications. It is possible to connect the house to centralized gas and water supply networks. The house is heated by an air conditioner.

Design year: 2023
Location: village Stari Kodaki, Dnipropetrovsk region, Ukraine
Area: 15 sq m, 24 sq m, 30 sq m

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