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In addition, there are two classrooms on the ground floor of the children's centre that can be transformed according to different scenarios. Each classroom has sliding partitions that allow you to combine (or separate) the classrooms with each other and with the play area. These partitions are made of polycarbonate. It is lighter and safer than glass, has the ability to transmit light, and, due to its opacity, allows for privacy. The classrooms are also equipped with modular tables that can be combined depending on the needs of the class. The walls of the rooms are protected by noise-absorbing panels.

Since the lower floor of the centre is intended for a kindergarten, we had to create a space where young visitors would be comfortable spending their leisure time, studying and relaxing during their daytime naps. We allocated one area for the bathrooms and kitchen, and separated the dining room from the rest of the space. Most of the room remained free for children's activities. In the stairwell, we made openings to maximise the amount of light entering the room. Instead of stationary beds, we chose modular furniture that can be used not only for sleeping but also for playing. All furniture is designed for the height of young children, ensuring their comfort and safety.

When designing the façade of the children's centre, our goal was to combine two premises located on the ground and basement floors. To do this, we installed a staircase in place of the existing staircase to the basement and created openings in the ground floor wall. They combine the rooms into a single space and provide more natural light. In addition, the projections offer a view of the playroom, which attracts the attention of people passing by the centre. The façade of the centre is finished with white composite sheeting, and the interior of the staircase is made of plywood, which, combined with sunlight, creates an atmosphere of warmth and comfort. We also tried to keep the structural elements open as much as possible and integrate them into the centre's interior.


Children's centre in Dnipro

The interior of the children's space

The centre consists of 2 rooms that can be used and transformed in many ways. The first room is an educational space where older children can attend educational courses or workshops. To make their learning more flexible and comfortable, we have provided furniture and interior partitions that can be adapted to different types of classes. For natural light, we organised large window openings. The second room is designed for the leisure of younger children. It can be used as a kindergarten with sleeping places, which at other times are transformed into a play environment.

Year of implementation: 2023
Location: Dnipro
Area: 154 sq m
Project status: under construction


On the ground floor of the children's centre, we placed a compact module that combined two bathrooms, a dressing room and a play area. This allowed us to leave most of the floor open and versatile. The module's bright finishes further distinguished it from the relatively neutral room and created the impression of a separate house within the common space Due to the height of the floor, we used the space above the bathrooms to create a play area, and placed the ventilation equipment above the locker room. A slide was placed on the play platform, where children can go down to the ball pool, and climbing walls and ropes were attached to one of the walls of the module.

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