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Chamber for children in the city hospital

Hospital interior

Hospital ward  for children with diabetes. The idea was to make the design of the ward space look like a children's room. The ward is designed for two children. 

The room is divided into: common area - hygienic corner, and closet  for things; 2 individual zones - beds with shelves. 
Each area has its own lighting. Thus, turning on the lights in one area, the child does not interfere with another child. There are pass-through light switches, sockets at each bed.
The closet has an area for vertical storage of clothes,  shelves for each patient, and a built-in refrigerator. 
Social project of the Vlada Brusylivska SUBA BUBA Foundation.
Year of implementation: 2019
Location: Oh blah  children's  clinically  hospital  №1.m.Dnipro.
Area: 10 sq m

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