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Apartment in Vinnytsia

Apartment interior

Living and working space for a small family. 
Customer   gives piano lessons at home. Her son is a schoolboy, studies remotely most of the time, is interested in science and likes to draw. 

Having rearranged the space, we created a more rational two-room apartment with a kitchen-living room, two bathrooms and an area for playing the piano from a one-room apartment. 

In the boy's room, we used the space of the loggia to create a workplace near the panoramic window. In the kitchen-living room, the space of the second loggia was used for a dining area with a view of the city. In the customer's bedroom-office, we installed glazing in the upper level of the wall partition to allow daylight into the room. At the customer's request, a place for a guest bathroom was provided.

Since the space of the apartment is small, the color palette of all finishing materials has light, natural and warm shades.   

Year of implementation: 2021

Location: Vinnytsia LCD Riviera

Area: 68 sq m


Planning from the developer



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