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Pool of the rehabilitation and physical therapy center

Healthcare architecture

The rehabilitation and physical therapy center needed additional hospital rooms and a full swimming pool that would be open to visitors year-round. The development of the territory of the center consists of two-story buildings and has a clear zoning of transport and pedestrian infrastructure. The main building of the center should have a safe pedestrian connection with the building of the pool, since the vast majority of visitors are people with reduced mobility.

Year of implementation: 2023
Area: 800 square meters
Location: Ioanniv Center, Podgorodne
Project status: Conceptual project


Since the area under the building is currently used by visitors as an outdoor recreation area, we would like to leave the area with greenery as much as possible and make the building part of the natural landscape through the shape of the building and the decoration of the roof. 

general plan.jpg

The connection between the two buildings of the center will be ensured not only thanks to the maximum convergence of the entrance groups of the two buildings, but also the transition in the second level on the covered bridge.

Plan of the second floor 1_edited.jpg

On the first floor, we propose to expand the pool hall with changing rooms, bathrooms and a waiting area. The pool hall has 2 round bowls with sectors of different depths and paths 14 m long. The pool is designed for visitors with reduced mobility who use a wheelchair. 

First floor plan 1_edited.jpg

On the second floor, there will be hospital offices and a glass gallery from which parents will be able to watch their children's activities in the pool. 

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