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Urban Houses

City ​​individual houses

Since the houses are situated on a shared plot of land, our task was to divide the area into two parts and ensure privacy for each building.
We oriented the houses towards the scenic southern side, while the parking areas were positioned to the north. This arrangement serves as an additional buffer between neighbors and preserves the southern adjacent area for an inner courtyard, perfect for barbecues, celebrating important events, and hosting gatherings with guests.
The plot is located on sloping terrain, so the buildings are placed at different heights. This allows for maximum views to be enjoyed by the residents of both buildings.

Year of implementation: 2023
Location: Kyiv
Design area: 300 sq m
Status: draft


2023_06_22_Option 3_general plan.jpg

Planning of houses

The entrance to each house is located on the north side. This provides easy and convenient access to the first floor from the street and the parking area, while also allowing for maximum orientation of the living spaces towards the scenic southern side.

On the first floor, there is a spacious kitchen-living area, an ideal place for family gatherings and cozy evenings. Next to it is a guest bedroom, which can serve as an office or a children's room, depending on the preferences of the homeowners. The placement of this room allows for a separate entrance from the street.

On the second floor, you'll find the master bedroom with a walk-in closet and a separate bathroom. It has access to a panoramic balcony, which offers scenic views and also serves as a canopy for the terrace on the first floor. In addition, the second floor includes two additional bedrooms and a bathroom.

On the -1 level, guests and residents can relax in the sauna and the relaxation room.

We combine elements of urban exterior design with the interior layout of individual space. The primary technique that helps achieve this balance is materiality.

We use texture and decorative brickwork, which creates an urban character for the buildings and provides a sense of security within the home space.

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