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H House

Individual residential building.

This project is inspired by a minimalist approach, where simplicity turns into elegance. We leave the space of each zone untouched, focusing on functionality and rational use, without excessive decor. 

Project year: 2022
Mallorca village, Dnepropetrovsk region, Ukraine
Area: 112 m2
Photographer: Oleksandr Angelovskyi


We started with  functional composition, a decision was made to re-plan to optimize the use of every square meter. And yes, the former living room, which used to be a place for communication and relaxation, became an intimate bedroom with a dressing area. We also focused on optimizing the kitchen space, added a dining area that bordered the living room. This allowed us to create a comfortable space where you can simultaneously cook  delicious dishes and spend time with family and friends.

Our project also provides for the possibility of transformation  studio, due to transparent partitions, the owners can easily change the privacy of this space, creating a cozy atmosphere for evening rest. 

photo_2022-10-12_10-54-46 (2).jpg
photo_2022-10-12_10-54-47 (3).jpg
photo_2022-10-12_10-54-45 (3).jpg

The finishing materials we use convey a natural and pleasant atmosphere. Plywood in natural color adds a note of environmental friendliness and warmth to every room. It is an economic and practical solution with a good texture.

photo_2022-10-12_10-54-45 (2).jpg
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